From the Shop // Herbal Vinegar

From the Shop // Herbal Vinegar
Apothecary Queen Sammi has made a Herbal Vinegar from herbs and botanicals grown in her very own backyard.
It does not get any more ‘home made’ than this!
This is the beginning of a range of herbal vinegars made from home-grown plants.
This batch contains :
// Garlic
// Black Peppercorns
// Nasturtium Flowers & Seeds
// Coriander Seeds
// Grapefruit Peel
It is so, so delicious - in a way that only home-grown things can be.
Aside from being yummy, vinegar is the best way to extract certain medicinal compounds from plants, in particular, minerals.
This herbal is also full of medicine! You can take a teaspoon or two daily, or use it more as a food and drizzle it over salads.
As you can imagine, only a small amount of each batch is made - so get in quick if you like the sound of this one!

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