Herbal Care Package :: Nourish and Nurture

Herbal Care Package :: Nourish and Nurture

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Herbal Care Package :: Nourish and Nurture

Are you overwhelmed, overworked, ‘wired and tired’ or just plain exhausted?

Whilst this is sometimes a symptom of being a 21st century human, many of us do not realise the profound impacts this is having on our bodies.

To understand this, let’s have a look the two branches of the nervous system: Sympathetic aka fight/flight and parasympathetic aka rest/digest.

Fight/flight/freeze is survival mode. It is endless work emails, the school run, paying the bills and chronically being ‘on the go’.

Rest/digest/connect is repair mode. It is self-care, playfulness and the ability to ‘turn off’.

Unfortunately, living in the 21st century means that most of the time, we are in fight/flight. This is due to the demands of modernity, but also because our culture priorities productivity over rest. When we’re in fight/flight, our body diverts energy away from digestion, immunity, sexuality and general regenerative function. This is why chronic stress is at the source of SO many disease patterns including insomnia, hormone imbalance, digestive symptoms and recurrent infections.

While there is no silver bullet for something that is produced by, and therefore can only be cured by, lifestyle habits, herbs can be a really helpful ally to give you the support, energy and ‘breathing space’ you need whilst you make those changes. So, we’ve created a Nourish and Nurture protocol to help you do just that!

1. Adrenal Support Powder ~ An adaptogenic mix of tonifying Ashwaganda, Mucuna and Reishi mushroom that restore the adrenals and buffer against stress

2. 50ml ‘Turn off tincture’ ~ Herbal tincture that encourages the nervous system to switch into rest/digest. It contains Hawthorn, Lavender and Zizyphus (see the graphic above for info!). A wonderful aid for tension. sleep, anxiety and over-thinking.

3. Rest and Relax Tea ~ Gentle yet deep acting herbal tea that is an excellent night cap, or sipped through out the day to keep your nervous system in check.

The entire package comes to $45, and you can find it on our website for a limited time!