Nimbin apothecary sells scent of Samadhi online, a natural deodorant
Scent of Samadhi
Scent of Samadhi

Scent of Samadhi

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An all-natural, highly sensual herbal deodorant and perfume from the yogis of South India. Based on an ancient formulation from the tradition of Ayurveda, this divinely inspired proprietary blend powder includes red sandalwood, clove oil, tulsi and rose oil. Appreciated by both men and women it has become a much-valued addition to the Nimbin Apothecary’s aromatherapy range.

Gently rub a tiny pinch under the armpit or any other place you are inspired to put it on. A 5gm jar lasts approximately 3 months or more with daily use and makes a beautiful gift. The attractive sari drawstring pouch it's packaged in is made by a community of single women and the physically challenged.

Plus for a limited time we have incense sticks!!

We’ve started stocking this high grade incense, due to how popular the powder pots of Samadhi are. If you’re not familiar with it, it comes from India and is used by some yogis in temple meditations.

Scent of Samadhi - Incense Sticks 

It’s a blend red & white sandalwood powder, tulsi, rose, clove, champaca, & Jasmine. The smell is a smooth, gentle and intoxicating fragrance that leaves you feeling blissful and peaceful. What’s getting rare these days is finding pure incense with no nasties that are actually using ground resins rather than essential oils. So if you’re about high grade resins and aromas, than you will really appreciate this incense.

There are 27 sticks extra long in each box.

Frankincense - Incense Sticks

Frankincense is high-quality temple grade incense,Made with 100% pure and natural ingredients with no chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Creates a smooth, gentle yet intoxicating fragrance that will leave you feeling blissful and at peace

Frankincense is traditionally used for Protection, purification, spiritual awareness, and as an antidepressant. This powerful resin produces a heightened spiritual awareness. A recent study revealed how frankincense works as an effective antidepressant and relieves stress. It’s said to enhance intuition, clairvoyance and is ideal to use before meditation. Frankincense was also once worth more than its weight in gold. Burning frankincense provides protection and purification and is said to help increase your spiritual awareness.

 There are 27 sticks extra long in each box.

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