SPRING Package - Liver Support Powder + Detox Tea

SPRING Package - Liver Support Powder + Detox Tea

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You can feel it in the air - Spring has truly sprung!

Spring is a great time to turn our attention towards our liver as the central organ of detoxification. To help you with this, we are offering a Spring Clean package - it includes:

~ Liver Support Powder // Schizandra berries + Milk thistle seeds + Broccoli sprouts - Our extremely popular liver support tonic works on the protecting, regenerating and clearing the liver and a gentle but effective way. It also works on the liver/mood axis!

~ Detox tea // Nettle + Calendula + Peppermint (40g in a Jar) - This delicious trio of blood cleansing herbs support the liver to do its job of daily detoxification, whilst regenerating liver cells

A really supportive thing to do during Spring is to eat lots of leafy greens - munching on dandelion leaves and many of our edible weeds is one of our favourite ways to get your body into spring cleanse mode!

Click on the link below to access our Spring package!