Great habits to support the change of season into Autumn


Summer is falling away, but Winter is still far off. We move into a change of season. Nature doesn’t follow a calendar so over the next month you may notice the day light growing shorter faster. We don’t have many deciduous trees, so Autumn is not a time of orange carpets of dead leaves, for most of Australia.


Here are some great habits to support the change of season.



Summer’s giving & growing will slow down, and so will all life. Plants, food, and the life force of nature begins to turn inward. This is a normal and natural process, and a great time to shed some layers. Doing a stock take of your home, garden and work life will allow you to utilise the end of the Yang season’s abundance in the most efficient of ways. It is a time to DIRECT YOUR ENERGY in a refined and precise way.



Nature slows it’s growth, and begins storing it’s energy in its root system. Roots are embedded in the earth, where Gaia’s creative energy comes from. If you like to follow nature, you too will slow down on your yes’s to festivities and extra work hours, and store some of your excess energy to see you through the Yin phase of Winter. If you like to be a rebel and go against the flow, you will begin to deplete your own reserves to sustain yourself whilst you cannot obtain this energy from the sun & plants around you. This may work for you through your 20’s when you have ancestral stores of Kidney Jing to utilise, but don’t be fooled! This energy cannot be replenished, and is the Silo of youth-fullness required to see you through to your buoyant eldership. If it dries up - so do you!



A change of seasons puts some extra stress on your immunity. The very direction of energy is at a shift right now, and those shifts are when we lose our rhythm. Outward & upward is turning downward & inward. And so must we all! Being in a yang dominant society will tell you otherwise, but don’t miss out on listening to earth’s dream songs and weaving her mysteries during the Winter by pushing yourself now and spending Winter sick and tired. Autumn is a beautiful time with winds beginning to blow through and cleanse the pallet of the land. Drink herbal teas, start eating white coloured foods (cabbage, cauliflower, parsnips) and watch those sunsets!