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Constitutions in Traditional Western Medicine

{ Constitutions in Traditional Western Medicine } Whilst modern herbal medicine and naturopathy are fantastic tools for understanding health and disease, they distinctly lack one VERY important feature that is a cornerstone of traditional systems of medicine: A system of constitution. So what is a ‘constitution’? In its simplest terms, your constitution represents your ‘type’, and therefore, your tendencies. The common thing about every constitutional system the world over is that it is based on the elements of nature – because Ancient traditions knew that our physiology is continuous with nature. Just as there are different external terrains, there are different internal terrains – and these internal terrains form the landscape in which all our symptoms appear. Now, many of...

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{{ Herbs & Pregnancy }}

There is a lot of confusion, and sometimes even fear, around taking herbs during pregnancy. Yet herbs have been used during pregnancy since the times of Ancient Egypt. Pregnancy and birth herb-lore is a part of a wise woman wisdom legacy that has been culturally and systematically suppressed, so for this reason it is important that we talk about it.

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