PREVENTION : Prevention is the best cure




We’ve finally reached our last natural medicine principle in this series of write ups on the 6 Principles of Natural Medicine. If you’d like to read about the first 5, scroll through out past posts! We’ve covered topics around treating root causes, educating the client, not using treatments that are harmful, and understanding health as nature’s default mode to heal on all levels.


The sixth & last principle of natural medicine is:


PREVENTION : Prevention is the best cure

This guiding principle reminds us that it’s not necessary to wait until we are experiencing pain and discomfort to pay attention to our health. Health is a practice. It’s not a destination. You will never be ‘there’, rather work on tending to your health here and now.


Your health is a relationship with your body and whole being. It need not be a relationship dominated by the doing of actions like taking herbs, getting massages and going to see therapists, it involves first and foremost LISTENING. Listening to your body’s likes and dislikes of food, listening to what’s underneath your cravings for sugar or coffee or alcohol, listening to when you need rest and when you need exercise and when you needs to sing in the shower at the top of your lungs!


Health is about listening and then tending to, and this means it starts right now with prevention of chronic diseases by treating the whispers of imbalance before they become screams of sickness.


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