Meet the friendly faces behind Nimbin Apothecary.

Meet the Team ~ Sammi

 Sammi, owner of Nimbin Apothecary cares for your health


Sammi - the proud owner of Nimbin Apothecary! Sammi is an incredibly humble human, which is why she now deserves her time in the spotlight!


Sammi moved to Nimbin six years ago for a tree change, and has not looked back since. She is an incredibly talented naturopath who pours her entire heart and soul into each of her patients.
Her love and care for every person that enters our space is what makes Nimbin Apothecary so much more that just a herbal dispensary - it is a place of warmth, connection and community.
Sammi lives on a farm close to Nimbin with her husband, two daughters, some chickens, ducks, goats, pigs and dogs. She grows a lot of medicinal herbs and makes beautiful tinctures and flower essences.
Thanks Sammi for holding the vision for Nimbin Apothecary with heart and strength - we love you!  

Meet the Team ~ Amanda 

Nimbin Apothecary faces- the team
Next on the apothecary dream team we have Amanda!
Amanda has worked at Nimbin apothecary for around 15 years! She is the owner of ’Skyhouse apothecary’ - a wonderful range of herbal tinctures, elixirs and body products created by her very own hands!
Amanda is a treasure trove of warmth and wisdom - here’s what she has to say about working in Nimbin apothecary:
“I love working in the apothecary because of the service we are able to provide to our local community making herbal medicine accessible to everyone and of course being in a lovely little room surrounded by herbs and oils.
As a workplace it is so unique, often at the meeting point when people are first discovering herbs and the wonders of natural remedies or old friends stocking up on all the goodies we supply, and also to be a listening ear when no one else can hear.
And finally but not least I love the people I work with as colleagues and customers - that’s really what makes it so special for me”
We love you too Amanda ~ thank you for your wise and caring presence!

Meet the Team ~ Fiona 

Fiona, nimbin apothecary team
Fiona is the Sunflower in our Nimbin Apothecary garden! She has been working in the apothecary for seven years, is a Naturopath and a wonderful massage therapist.
Here’s what Fiona LOVES about our little apothecary:
“What I love about working in Nimbin Apothecary is that no two days are the same! I love the richness of creativity and rainbow diversity that is Nimbin, against the backdrop of the ancient landscape. As a Naturopath, I am continually in awe of the healing power of nature, I love growing and using herbs and I have a deep respect and reverence for plant medicine. I love being able to help others help themselves by using a holistic approach that embodies self-empowerment in their health choices. I love the Nimbin community, its connection and community spirit, and I love how this is integral to the Apothecary: we provide a fantastic over the counter Naturopathic service and herbal dispensary, and the community in turn appreciates and supports what the Apothecary provides… it’s a match made in Nimbin! I love our wonderful Apothecary team: each one of us brings our own unique way of practicing into the shop, our own skills, knowledge and wisdom, whilst being united in our common goal of helping others in our community. I feel blessed to work in such a beautiful shop, and I love going home smelling of all sorts of essential oils!”
Our heart explodes with all the LOVE we have for you Fiona ~ we thank you so much for your big heart, passion and commitment to our community and its health!

Meet the Team ~ Cushla 

Cushla, nimbin apothecary team
Cushla is an indispensable part of the apothecary team. As well as a naturopath, she is a registered nurse. Cushla brings her incredible knowledge of human physiology along with a passion for natural remedies and a beautiful sense deep empathetic understanding for all folk who come to the apothecary. Here’s what Cushla has to say…
“What’s not to love about working at the Apothecary! The over-the-counter service that the Apothecary offers is something I am passionate about as natural health is able to be accessible and affordable to the community.
I love how herbal medicine has been embedded in the knowledge of peoples lives through the Apothecary, with parents often treating their children with the same herbal remedies that they themselves grew up taking.
Most of all I love the sharing of wisdom that flows between customers and colleagues alike, it offers a unique space where people take time to share their physical, emotional and life journeys”
We are so blessed to have your wise, fun and down to Earth presence on our team Cushla - thanks for being part of our journey!

Meet the Team ~ Miriam

Miriam, nimbin apothecary team
Miriam is the newest member to the Apothecary team, but it feels like she has always been with us. Miriam has an immense passion for traditional folk medicine which shows in her understanding of plants but also her deep respect of plants and what they share with us. You can see this love of herbs every time she shares knowledge with the community, the Apothecary clients and social media. Thats right this is the face behind all those wonderful posts on our Facebook page that you all love so much. Here's what Miriam has to say about working at the Apothecary .....
"I am completely fascinated with the way Nature expresses itself through the human body! My obsession led me to becoming a traditional herbalist, and after moving to Nimbin about a year and a half ago, I thought I would try my luck to see if I could get a job at the legendary Nimbin Apothecary. I am so glad I did, because the apothecary has made me feel like I am home here. It has connected me to the land, the community and the culture of Nimbin. For me, this isn’t a ‘job’, it is a joy. What I love most about the apothecary is its integrity. We have a commitment to folk medicine - ’by the people, for the people’. To empowering people by openly sharing our knowledge, and providing equitable and affordable access to natural health care. It’s something that I am very passionate about, and I feel so grateful to work in a place that stands by those values despite the continual commercialisation of natural medicine. Knowledge about herbs and how to use them is our birthright! I also love the Apothecary team SO much! Each of us brings such a different flavour of wisdom to the table - but beyond that, every woman I work with is so beautiful, and as a newbie in town I have felt so welcomed, loved and appreciated. It really is special beyond words."
Miriam we are so happy you tried your luck on us because its is the Apothecary who is lucky to have you and your beautiful way you have with both people and plants. Thanks for rounding off the Apothecary team perfectly.
Miriam offers sit down herbal consults at the Nimbin Apothecary on Wednesday’s. Miriam also runs The Open Heart Apothecary