Sammi, owner of Nimbin Apothecary cares for your health


Sammi - the proud owner of Nimbin Apothecary! Sammi is an incredibly humble human, which is why she now deserves her time in the spotlight.


Sammi moved to Nimbin six years ago for a tree change, and has not looked back since. She is an incredibly talented naturopath who pours her entire heart and soul into each of her patients.

Her love and care for every person that enters our space is what makes Nimbin Apothecary so much more that just a herbal dispensary - it is a place of warmth, connection and community.

Sammi lives on a farm close to Nimbin with her husband, two daughters, some chickens, ducks, goats, pigs and dogs. She grows a lot of medicinal herbs and makes beautiful tinctures and flower essences.

Sammi is our Queen - she holds the vision for Nimbin Apothecary with heart and strength, and we wouldn't have it any other way.


Fiona, nimbin apothecary team

Fiona is the Sunflower in our Nimbin Apothecary garden! She has been working in the apothecary for seven years, is a Naturopath and a wonderful massage therapist.

Here’s what Fiona LOVES about our little apothecary:

“What I love about working in Nimbin Apothecary is that no two days are the same! I love the richness of creativity and rainbow diversity that is Nimbin, against the backdrop of the ancient landscape.

As a Naturopath, I am continually in awe of the healing power of nature, I love growing and using herbs and I have a deep respect and reverence for plant medicine. I love being able to help others help themselves by using a holistic approach that embodies self-empowerment in their health choices.

I love the Nimbin community, its connection and community spirit, and I love how this is integral to the Apothecary: we provide a fantastic over the counter Naturopathic service and herbal dispensary, and the community in turn appreciates and supports what the Apothecary provides… it’s a match made in Nimbin!

I love our wonderful Apothecary team: each one of us brings our own unique way of practicing into the shop, our own skills, knowledge and wisdom, whilst being united in our common goal of helping others in our community. I feel blessed to work in such a beautiful shop, and I love going home smelling of all sorts of essential oils!”

Our heart explodes with all the LOVE we have for Fiona  we thank her so much for her big heart, passion and commitment to our community and its health!


Cushla, nimbin apothecary team

Cushla is an indispensable part of the apothecary team. As well as a naturopath, she is a registered nurse. Cushla brings her incredible knowledge of human physiology along with a passion for natural remedies and a beautiful sense deep empathetic understanding for all folk who come to the apothecary. Here’s what Cushla has to say…

“What’s not to love about working at the Apothecary! The over-the-counter service that the Apothecary offers is something I am passionate about as natural health is able to be accessible and affordable to the community.

I love how herbal medicine has been embedded in the knowledge of peoples lives through the Apothecary, with parents often treating their children with the same herbal remedies that they themselves grew up taking.

Most of all I love the sharing of wisdom that flows between customers and colleagues alike, it offers a unique space where people take time to share their physical, emotional and life journeys”

We are so blessed to have Cushla's wise, fun and down to Earth presence on our team.


Holly is our ray of Sunshine - an apprentice in our apothecary who is soaking up the wisdom of our wonderful community.  We definitely get as much from her being a part of our family, as she does from us.

Here's what Holly has to say about working at Nimbin Apothecary...

"As a naturopathy student, being at the Apothecary is an exciting process of integrating what I learn in my studies through hands on practice. 
It’s always beautiful to observe the interwoven relationship between people and plants, which can be so different for everyone! I love listening and learning from the many perspectives of the Apothecary team and the customers who share their stories with us.

The way the Apothecary thrives through community connection, sharing knowledge and offering support in an accessible way has been such a catalyst for me to discover what I truly value about helping people. I’ve realised that it’s often the simplest of practices that can have the biggest influence in someone’s healing process, like having a friendly chat or being there to listen.

The Apothecary is such a special, nurturing and inspiring space which I’m so grateful to be a part of!"

Check out Holly's IG page @infloressence_ for beautiful musings on plants and people.



Sarah is a total gem and joined our family after moving to the Northern Rivers in 2021.  We are so happy she found us!  Here is what she has to say about working in the Apothecary...
"Naturopathy to me is about the innate healing power of nature, trusting your body and learning to listen to it, getting to know the plants and medicines you are working with, and working together - patient and practitioner, to strive towards greater health and well-being.
As a plant practitioner I am always learning, always growing and always studying. I trust in my craft, I admire it, live it and breathe it.
I studied a Bachelor of Health and Science with Endeavour College and have been walking the plant path for over 10 years now. Since then I have gone onto specialising in wholefood plant based nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine - with a special interest in nervous system support, addiction recovery, and entheogen research, information and support.
Here is what I love about the apothecary...
I love walking into the shop first thing in the morning, taking a deep breath and letting myself be absorbed by the beautiful sights and smells. Being greeted by all the wonderful herbs and visited by the vibrant Nimbin community for advice.
I love how accessible health care and herbal medicine is through the Apothecary. Making it available and affordable to the general public. I love the quality and variety of herbs, creams, teas and essential oils, made in house and often grown locally. Getting to be a part of making these wonderful products that nourish the Nimbin community is an absolute honour and highlight of my job.
I feel so grateful to work at the Apothecary, I always admired the shop and dreamt that one day I might work there. Once I started working in the shop I felt an instant connection to Nimbin and the community, and I knew I was home."
You are home Sarah! Thank you for gracing our shop with your kindness and wisdom.