Herbs for Womb Health

Here’s a few herbs that come to mind when thinking about uterus health and fertility. There are also practices of massage, yoni steaming, sex, diet and hygiene that will play equally important roles in a healthy womb.


The dialogue a woman has with her womb  is also very important, such as how she treats this place in love making, who is welcomed in and what energy and belief systems are behind it all. We have all been impacted deeply by the media and the portrayal of sexuality that many young girls use your sexual energy as a way of receiving what feels like love. This is all stored in the womb, and this is the literal seeding ground of the next generation.


You don’t need to wait until making babies or menopause to think about your hormonal health; you can begin to cleanse, tone and relax tension in this area to allow for a deeper connection with your body and your sensuality.


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