How are you boundaries?


Do you get triggered often? Do you have a lengthy list of food intolerances you micro-manage? Are you so sensitive to your environment that things overwhelm you often? Do strong smells and tones of voice and subtle underlying ‘vibes’ of people feel offensive to you?


These are all signs that your immune system is compromised.


It’s not as simple as that though, so I wanted to explain briefly the overlapping relationships between the endocrine, neural and immune systems. They are talking to one another all the time and how one works, effects how they all work. But firstly, it would incorrect to imply it stops at just these 3 systems. Reality is, the functioning of your whole body relies on the perceptions and communications of every specialised system working together. Digestion. Reproduction. Thinking. It doesn’t even stop at your skin. It continues out into the systems of the community and the whole world. If one fails, it all becomes compromised over time.


BOUNDARIES >> is the biggest theme of the immune system. Energetic. Emotional. Physical. It’s all part of the immune system. How are your boundaries - Do you over emphasise? Do you feel responsible for things around you to your own detriment? Are you carrying the weight of the world, whilst struggling to carry the weight of your own body? Do other people’s bad moods stick to you and drag you down? This is the immune system of someone very open and vulnerable. Someone letting in a huge amount of the outside world. On the other hand - Do you struggle to emphasise with others’ suffering? Do you struggle to understand other people’s emotions at all unless they verbalise it explicitly? Do you defend yourself often in reaction to events outside of you? This is the immune system of someone very closed off, defending their inner world with thick walls.


The immune system’s role is to protect the inner sanctum from the external world, and to mediate what enters the Temple. This will impact the emotional nervous system of the body as it reacts to external pathogens that have walked right inside through poorly defended gates with stress - histamine, cortisol, and cascades of hormonal reactions - or will not let in important information & emotional connection through its impassable defences. The thing about the endocrine system is that it is a mirror and will mimic the systems it is entrained with aka the people around you. The nervous system does the same. It entrains to calm itself down, or enrage itself up which results in hormones surging about telling the body stories.