{ EVENING PRIMROSE ::: Oenothera biennis }


{ EVENING PRIMROSE ::: Oenothera biennis }


This little yellow flower is called ‘falling sun rose’ by the Cherokee from the North American lands which it is native to. The flower can be spotted open brightly on a night when all is darkness. It is said to be for the sallow person who appears full but expressionless. Whose face is dull and mentality gloomy, but is somewhat puffy with a dirty tone to their hue.


In the west Evening Primrose is well know the its seeds which have a remarkably high essential fatty acid content, so much so that it can be used for nutritional supplementation. Whilst it was used traditionally, much of its knowledge and use has not been passed onto modern herbalism. It does seem to have some feminine associations where traditionally it was used by the Cherokee for premenstrual pain and breast tenderness.


The plant is harvested when in full bloom before seeding; stem, roots, and leaves, and can be used as an infusion fur spasms in the intestinal tract and similarly spasms in the uterus during menses. So there is an affinity of relaxing lower pelvic wind tension and torpor, helping to support proper elimination of toxic air and griping.


The oil has many uses and that’s because these essential fats are essential for the functioning of much of our health. When you blast the brain & nervous system with these oils it can reduce dementia, memory loss, alzheimers and neuropathy. Supporting your body with healthy fats like those in Evening Primrose can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. In the female reproductive organs things like PMS, endometriosis, and menopause can all be aided. And when it comes to the skin it treats acne, wounds, ulcers, psoriasis and grows stronger nails.


This sweet little flower and its oily seeds has deeply important medicine for our systems. Humans have evolved alongside our plant persons in honouring relationship.


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