{ JUNIPER ::: Juniperus communis }


{ JUNIPER ::: Juniperus communis }


The Juniper person is retraining too much water in their body. They have a slight waddle in their step which is tedious and exhausting and their lower back aches. Their legs can be swollen like tree branches, and so can their arms with little definition of where the hands or feet joint. They feel heavy in their hearts, bodies and mind as if a haze is between them and the world. They may feel achy with cramps in their body, headaches of the mind, and generally tired with little appetite for the day.


This is a general overview of the person Juniper is a great ally for. You don’t need to have all of these symptoms though to appreciate this herb.


Juniper is imprinted with the signature of the water, a deep blue berry that is warm, aromatic, pungent, bitter, acrid and sweet. This cypress is native to North America, Europe and Asia and is a traditional diuretic which is irritating due to its volatile oils. It’s used for treating the COLD & DAMP, as well as EXPELLING WIND.


Juniperus treats renal congestion, that is water-logged kidneys that may be swollen or have mucus in the membranes. If the kidneys are phlegmatic, so will be the heart and oedema is a common sign of this state. Volatile oils break things up & spice things up. They can penetrate through stuckness, expel wind tension, and remove the coldness or dampness from the tissues improving blood flow. Wind tension can be felt as bloating, gas & spasms in the belly & organs. Damp in the lungs can mean asthma coughs, and sickliness. Juniper then strengthens these areas that are opened up, including the memory and mind. When there is cold or damp in the body the cells become depressed, and so does the brain. A congested mind may have headaches and brain fatigue.


Juniper is an amazing ally to support your kidneys, and so much more. If your kidneys are tired, it’s very important to treat this before serious health issues begin developing - the kidneys are so important!


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