{ MUGWORT ::: Artemisia vulgaris }


{ MUGWORT ::: Artemisia vulgaris }


This very old wort (medicinal herb) is an Artemisia, named so after the famous Greek goddess Artemis who governs the hunt and the protection of the wilds and its animals. She was worshipped by rural folk especially in regards to women’s fertility and childraising, protecting virgins and the ill.


Mugwort is an aromatic bitter, that’s energy opens up to draw down. Aromatics open up, and bitters stimulate and cleanse, allow improved digestion and assimilation of things.


It has a strong connection with the feminine and the moon cycle, being suited to women of all ages from maiden to magar. However it is not suited to pregnant women as it’s important to keep the lower energy centres contained at this time, and not dispersing downwards. It is so powerful that it can be used to bring on labour, pass the afterbirth, and even birth a still born.


It is a beautiful herb for women recovering from sexual abuse, who have had difficult pregnancies or abortions and are holding emotional and physical scars in their wombs. Just like Artemis protects Mumma Gaia’s creatures, so does this Artemisia protect the injured feminine. It brings life to the depressed tissues of of the sexual organs of women also through its action on the FSH and LH sex hormones. Matthew Wood stands behind it a remedy for hyperandrogenism. An increase in androgens like testosterone can cause PCOS, menstrual disorder, infertility, coldness in the pelvic area and the digestive tract especially the liver/gall bladder, depression, frustration and anger.


I could write pages about this herb, but lastly I will mention it’s pertinence within Chinese Medicine. This wonderful herb emphasises the feminine principle, restoring it where ‘the masculine has raced ahead and left her behind’. She can be burned as moxibustion to drive warmth and carry blood flow into the depths of the body eradicating cold, but it most not be used when the life force is too low as it will deplete further.


Mugwort can be used for dreaming, speech disorders, creative blocks, dyslexia, insomnia, low blood pressure, nervous system irritation, poor appetite, and so many ways that I couldn’t even summarise this plant in one post accurately.


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