{ ST. JOHN’S WORT ::: Hypericum perforatum }


{ ST. JOHN’S WORT ::: Hypericum perforatum }


This plant originates in Europe, Named after John the Baptist, with its use dating back to the very beginning. It has so many uses, like most plants, so let’s explore its key signatures to understand how to use this plant more simply.


Hypericum is actually a balsam, which means it has oily resins that are calming & curative (Melissa is also balsamic). Oily herbs have a moistening sensation that can coat and soothe frazzled nerves. This herbs is a key one for the nervous system! Hypericum works powerfully on injuries to the nerves aka sharp, shooting pain & inflammation or neuralgia and is a key herbal pain killer. In the Middle Ages this herb was used to ‘drive away evil influences’ working to keep the spirit strong and one less likely to be ailed by mental illness. Don’t those yellow flowers just light you up!


Oils also build mass & tissue, and more cushioning means more protection; this plant is for fragility, fatigue, burnout, malnutrition and anaemia.


It’s sweet flavour means it works on the Earth element and digestion, and in this case particularly the parts of digestion that are connected with the nervous system. Remember how stress affects your appetite? Hypericum works on the animal instincts of the gut, according to #matthewwood. This is going to improve your gut instincts and rebuild trust of your internally digested world.


Oily herbs also connect with the liver, as the bile from the liver & gall bladder are designed to break down oils - they become intimately entwined. St John’s is a liver detoxifier working by helping the liver to process toxins as complex as pharmaceuticals. When it comes to elimination, the plant also promotes the release of heat in the bladder, relaxing the emotions of fear that are stored in the Water channels of the Kidneys and Bladder. This makes it great for bed wetting - again nervous energy & lack of tone in the organ system.


We can see the calming release of tension this plant has on the nerves when ti comes to the mind, the physical body, digestion, and the bladder. It would take pages to write about this plant. You can use it externally as an oil, or internally as a tea/tincture.


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