{ WORMWOOD ::: Artemisia absinthium }


{ WORMWOOD ::: Artemisia absinthium }


Wormwood was one of THE MOST IMPORTANT EUROPEAN HERBS in history. This Asteraceae contains aromatic oils, some toxic, and bitter lactones. It’s now found in North America as well as being native to Asia and Europe and likes to grow on broken landscapes like walls or overrun pastures. It is a very strong herb to work with, that has potent implications on the broken parts of ourselves. Artemisia’s offer an important role in treating malaria throughout the world and are heavily relied upon for this in developing countries that rely on herbs as primary medicine.


This herb is known to strengthen the stomach acid and improve digestion, returning the weak to health. The bitter principles are also cooling and decongest the liver and aid the gallbladder. “The sun never shone upon a better herb for the yellow jaundice” according to Culpeper (1653). It also has a reputation for killing parasites in the intestines. When something as powerful as Wormwood starts to work on these organs, the improvements won’t just be around the digestion of food, but the assimilation of life itself through the primary organs of breaking down, assimilating and transporting. This will impact how well nourished a person is which gives them energy, embodiment and strength. It will also begin to release old, hot and toxic emotions and pain and invite in ease and grace.


Matthew Wood uses Wormwood the same as the North American Sagebrush for the mental states of “people suffering from devastation, hopelessness, poverty, abuse and unwinnable situations” through small internal doses of 1 drop per week. It’s important to bring up the issues in the tissues slowly, it it can result in causing more depression. One must be careful with large doses due to the thujone content which is toxic and in some countries not legal.


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