Are capsules the best way to take your herbs?




Did you know it’s not always a great idea to eat your medicine in capsules? If you have impaired digestive function, which a lot of people seeking digestive support will have, then taking capsule of herbs may not going to be the ideal way!


Your body will have to have good enough digestion to break down the capsule at the right time to get the herbs to the place they want to go. An alkaline belly may help with inflammation, but it’s the acidic belly that is strong enough to break down a robust range of food. Breaking down food to properly assimilate it takes energy, energy that a depleted person may not have. Often undigested food is passed onto the small intestine not ready to be assimilated into the blood, and food will be passed on to the colon and removed from the body undigested.


If you have a slow sluggish belly, this may mean that your medicine is being digested too late in the metabolic process. This is where powdered herbs and liquid herbs are much better. Powdered herbs have the added benefit of being able to coat the lining of the digestive tract and treat the physical area needing support.


It’s very important to know WHY you are taking a medicine to make sure you’re taking it at the right time of day and in the right form for your intention. Get clear!


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