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This is not a word that comes to mind when one think’s about our modern society. Slow is something we have forgotten. We have raced through industrialisation and in the last 200 years we have completely renovated ourselves so that convenience is at the heart of our lives. Sometimes it feels like a heavy price to pay for that makeover.


Convenience is quick and easy, which lends itself to cheap. Faster growth times of crops from planting to harvest, and faster food with emptier nutrition. Quicker builds of homes with cheaper materials that feel empty and void of life inside. Faster growth of the economy which is quicker to collapse. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with quick and easy, but let’s not pretend it will carry us into our futures with stability, reliability, and resiliency. And these are attributes that are very important each of us as we prepare ourselves for the changes of our generation.


Never before have we been unable to prepare our children for the way of life that will ready themselves for their adulthood. When life is unpredictable, looking to nature is a beautiful guide, and sometimes our only guide.


Nature doesn’t do quick and easy. Nature takes her time. Nature moves slow, and makes slow medicine. Nature is patient. She lives in deep time, and builds her wildest dreams over eons. Nature doesn’t lie. Nature recycles all and consumes all. And the very quality of what she consumes marks the quality of what she produces. Nature knows.


When it comes to healing your body and mind, it’s not just a matter of popping pills, be that pharmaceutical or nutraceutical. It’s about understanding the true pace of life and healing. Healing takes time. Growing good medicine takes time. Growing healthy people takes time.


Here at the Nimbin Apothecary we are learning more and more about slow medicine. What it takes to grow medicine from seed to bottle takes time. And it’s also why artisan nature made-hand made medicine have a higher price. It’s of a higher value, and not subsidised by the government or pharmaceutical companies.


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