Summer Herbs to Forage


Summer is in full swing and it’s time to be foraging and collecting herbs from the garden and from wild places. Always remember the honourable harvest; which Robin Kimmerer speaks extensively to.  We’ll explore this topic soon in it’s own post, but for now remember…


  • To ask permission from the land and the plant
  • Listen to the response
  • Never take the first or last plant you find to ensure there is always more left
  • And use all of the plant


Right now the St John’s Wort’s Hypericum perforatum are flowering down south. These make a great oil infusion for external use! The Dandelions Taraxacum officinale/vulgare areready to pick the leaves and flowers which can be eaten in salads or sautéed. For any St Mary’s Thistle Silybum marianum plants growing in the dry sunny areas, the seeds will be ready which can be used to help protect the liver.


Don’t forget to spend time in nature, watching the plants grow and hearing the land sing.


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