Ways to support your liver to thrive


The Liver is the Army General of your body!


Ever heard of the term liverish? Someone can be called liverish if they are irritable, or feeling upset in the belly, queazy, and looking a little green in the face.


When the liver is under too much stress from not being able to detox each night between 1am and 3am, then it starts to get angry. This can come out as hot irritated conditions; anger, inability to sleep (mind ticking away at night), anxiety, tension in the shoulders and headaches. If this liverish energy is not addressed at this stage by cooling, moving and detoxing, it will move into a deeper state of stagnation and toxicity. This can be seen as a yellow complexion in the eyes or face, feelings of nausea, and skin disorders.


We really love our Liver Tonic powder, as it will be easy to assimilate into the body and support your liver to function better. Everyday your liver makes a huge amount of decisions about what to do with all the things in your blood; medicine, drugs, food, emotions, toxins, hormones. Did you know the liver plays a huge role in the digestion process as well? Liver health isn’t just about blood, hormones and headaches, the liver helps to digest and breakdown fats at the right time in peristalsis by making bile. If you don’t have enough bile to break down fats, you will be missing out on a huge amount of nutrition. It will also put your digestion under stress by having insoluble fats to deal with in the intestines.


How can you support your liver?

  • Make sure you are asleep before midnight!
  • Do not eat food late at night, and don’t eat a big dinner, it inhibits your liver’s ability to detox & regenerate nightly
  • Limit your use of alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and drugs that require a lot of energy from the liver to break down
  • Use our Liver Tonic daily


You can integrate the powder into your diet quite easily by mixing a teaspoon into a smoothie. It will go great with a greens powder! If you don’t like smoothies then just pop into a a glass of water and wash it down.


You can buy the Liver Tonic from our website:



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