About our medicine


So much medicine, so many ways you can creatively support your health.


Did you know that almost all of our medicine is certified organic, some of it is locally sourced (and we are seeking more local suppliers/growers around the Northern NSW region to collaborate with) and that absolutley all of it is deeply appreciated by us here at the Nimbin Apothecary.


It is such a gift that we can access these plants and implement them for healing wounds of the mind, body, and spirit. The real medicine of these plants & fungi is how they rewild us, and teach us right relationship with them, with our bodies, and with the land. Without honour, gratitude, and reciprocity, none of this would be possible. Natural medicine is more than just popping a magnesium pill. It's entering into communion with the non-human persons, and realising their intelligence. That intelligence is their medicine to us.


We are open basically all the time, and always happy to chat to you about natural medicine and to be a gateway sanctuary into stepping into a new way of perceiving your health and sickness.


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