How to use the Blue Water Lilies


We are swimming in lilies at the moment and we are in love with them. Fresh flowers from the waterways in our broader Bundjalung land. Wild foraging and drying out plants in season and in abundance is the way nature intended it. It means there is medicine in this plant right now for this place and climate. Is there medicine in the Lily for you?


Something we are often asked is around the difference between lilies and lotus. Nymphaea caerulea is not the same as the Eygyptian blue or purple Nelumbo lotus. The lotus lifts up out of the water and you might even spot a big seed pod once the petals drop away. The lilies sit on the water itself and are smaller flowers. They do however have similar euphoric, activating and heart opening qualities.


The Lilies are better known for purifying toxically damp areas of the body - for ovarian cysts, for preparing for child birth, or to be added into a soap for inflamed eczema on the face to name a few.


You can purchase some dried flowers in 10 or 20g bags from the website:


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