From the Shop // Happy Belly Kids Glycetract

From the Shop // Happy Belly Kids Glycetract 
So, you may have noticed we have focussed this week's posts on kids’ health.
We wanted to create a simple and gentle product which is tried and tested on our own kids, and many who have come to visit the apothecary.
Our Happy Belly Kids Glycetract contains Lemon Balm & Withania ~ two very gentle herbs that profoundly settle the gut AND the nervous system.
The herbs are extracted in glycerin, so there is no alcohol in this tincture.
The sweet taste of glycerin is soothing in and of itself, and obviously makes kids MUCH more compliant.
We have found that turning medicine-taking into a small ritual is a great thing to do to help kids take their medicine.
This means while taking their tincture they can say a little prayer, sing a song or even create a special place their medicine in the home helps to enchant the process, so that they relate to it in a different way.
Our Happy Belly tincture is $20 and comes in a 50ml bottle. It is suitable for kids 6 - 10 years old, and will come with age-appropriate dosages on the label.
If you want more information, please don’t hesitate to ring the apothecary!
Available now on our website while stocks last —>

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