Adrenal Restorative
Adrenal Restorative

Adrenal Restorative

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This is our ADRENAL RESTORATIVE formula 

In times of chronic stress, our body gets stuck in 'fight/flight' mode. When we are in fight or flight, other vital functions like digestion, immunity and reproduction get turned off. It is the adrenals that get depleted when we are in fight/flight - so it's really important to support them to function properly and not be in a constantly reactive state! The herbs in this formula are designed to get the adrenals to switch out of 'fight/flight' and into 'rest and digest'. They work directly on the adrenals, the nervous system and have a strong nourishing and regenerating principle.

They are:

+ Ashwaghanda : Ancient Ayurvedic herb used for restoring the nerves and assisting with sleep. Perfect for the 'wired and tired' picture

+ Reishi Mushroom: The supreme medicinal mushroom that calms the heart, supports the liver and supplies deep foundational Qi

+ Mucuna: Ayurvedic medicine that is heavy and oily in nature, meaning it energetically grounds excess nervous energy into the body. It also contains the precursors for dopamine

This traditional formula is wonderful for:

+ Deep exhaustion or burn out from chronic stress

+ If you are unable to 'switch off'

+ If you are having sleep issues from 'too much thinking'

+ If you are chronically 'in your head' and thus depleting vital reserves

+ If you are 'wired and tired'

+ If you know you are about to go through a busy time, and need some systemic support

+ Have nervous digestion

+ As a daily ally for health and vitality