Comfrey Infused Oil

Comfrey Infused Oil

Straight from Sammi’s garden here on Bundjalung country, we have a supercharged infused oil made with comfrey that was home-grown and harvested, slowly dried and infused using a special method that maximises it’s potency!

Comfrey is our foremost topical medicine for promoting tissue healing.

It has been the go-to botanical for root-doctors and wise-women for centuries - a cornerstone of folk medicine through the ages!

It’s latin name (Symphytum officinalis) derives from the Greek root-word 'symphein', which means “to grow together”.

Comfrey has a unique ability to literally weld tissue together - be it bone, flesh or sinews. Phytochemically, this is because of its high allantoin content, which acts as a strong cell proliferant.

This means comfrey stimulates cell production to repair connective tissue, collagen and bone, often leaving a tissue injury scarless.

Also, comfrey is rich in tannins, which helps to staunch bleeding. At the same time however, it has a high mucilage content, which treats acute inflammation and even burns. A perfectly balanced formula....aaahh, let's take a moment to marvel at the intelligence of plants!

As we said, this is an extra special, small batch of infused oil.

50ml bottle 

Ingredients: Comfrey Leaf & Organic Australian Virgin Olive Oil