Nimbin apothecary sells organic detox tea blend online

Detox Tea

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 That's right, we've bedazzled our Detox Tea not with gold rims and a subwoofer (maybe next time), BUT with an epic combo of herbs that really gets your organs of elimination doing their thang!

Our new formula is ::

Rosemary ~ bitter circulatory specific for 'phase 2' liver detoxification, particularly when it comes to clearing excess oestrogen

Burdock ~ premium lymph cleanser and healthy skin support

Calendula ~ gentle love for the liver and lymph, plus supports immunity

Elderberry ~ traditional medicine to 'open the pores', moving stuff from the interior to the exterior

Peppermint ~ pungent liver assistance that aids digestion

Not only does our tea pack a medicinal punch, it is also damn tasty if we do say so ourselves!

Certified organic. Can be purchased in a refillable container.