Liposomal Vitamin C - Vital Remedies

Liposomal Vitamin C - Vital Remedies

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Vital Remedies premium Liposomal Vitamin C

Specially formulated with a powerful 1000 mg sodium ascorbate per 5 mL serve

Premium sunflower phospholipids encapsulating high quality sodium ascorbate.

GMO Free, Palm Oil Free, Soy free, Gluten free, No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

  • Non-GMO sunflower lecithin
  • High purity non- GMO sodium ascorbate (vitamin C)
  • Pure water,
  • Alcohol (12% vol.)

Each serve provides a rich source of essential nutrients including choline for healthy brain and nerve function, and nature’s super-antioxidant - vitamin C, all in a readily absorbed & pourable form.

Quality Ingredients:
Our phospholipids are sourced from all natural sunflowers. This results in a more nutritious food product with lower allergen issues compared with soy-based
products. We only use the highest quality pure & natural vitamin C, certified non-GMO all the way from farm to finished product.

Genuine Liposomes:
Unlike many other brands, Vital Remedies liposomal encapsulation process is laboratory verified, ensuring high quality genuine liposomes are present in every bottle. Many other formulations are simply low quality emulsion mixtures. We are proud offer a 100% genuine liposomal product.