Liver Health Tonic
Liver Health Tonic

Liver Health Tonic

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We have created a liver support powder that's suitable if you have symptoms of liver insufficiency or stagnation, they include:

> Hormonal issues (particularly oestrogen dominance)
> Chronic muscular tension, ticks or cramps (especially in the neck and shoulders)
> Anxiety
> Chronic allergies or 'hot', irritated skin conditions
> Headaches
> Poor sleep or nightmares

The liver has a really diverse role in the body. Our liver support powder has:

> Broccoli sprouts ~ rich in sulphur compounds which assist with phase 2 liver detoxification
> Milk thistle ~ known as a liver trophorestorative, which means it actually regenerates liver cells
> Schizandra berries ~ protects the liver from damage and works on the liver-brain axis