Medicinal Soup Mix

Medicinal Soup Mix

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We are SUPER excited about this one!

After many pots of soup, we have developed a medicinal, herbal soup mixes for you to make your broths and soups with.

We were inspired by the East-Asian tradition of medicinal soup mixes, and wanted to throw together our own version so that you can continue to incorporate medicine into your daily life.

~ Reishi mushroom :: Master Qi tonic that supports the liver, the nerves and our immunity

~ Astragalus :: Master Qi tonic that supports digestion and regulates gut based immunity

~ Shiitake mushroom :: Majorly boosts immunity and supports gut function

~ Goji Berries :: Build blood, nourish the liver and support cardiovascular health 

~ Home grown and hand-harvested Olive leaf (yep, this Olive leaf is grown on our farm and harvested by us!) :: Supports the cardiovascular system, the liver and boosts immunity

This soup mix is designed to be a real Qi and immunity booster. It is nourishing, building and regulating in every way. The perfect blend to nourish your roots this winter!

We will make you a video soon, but all you need to do is take one Reishi slice, and about a quarter of the herbs in the jar, and add them your stock pot, broth or clear soup whilst it boils and bubbles. Simple as that!