Move & Replenish Herbal Soup Mix
Move & Replenish Herbal Soup Mix

Move & Replenish Herbal Soup Mix

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The idea for this super special soup mix was planted when we realised we wanted to support menstruators through their monthly bleed

After many months of formulating, taste testing and trials (yes, we are our own guinea pigs!), we created the ‘Move & Replenish’ soup mix!

In the Chinese medical tradition, herbs are not often delivered in tincture form, but rather as combinations of whole roots, leaves, seeds and berries to be boiled down, and drank as a decoction. It’s a great way to connect with your medicine, as you see all the herbs in their raw form, and really get to taste and smell them.

This soup mix is inspired by this very tradition, and contains traditional Chinese as well as western herbs:

~ Dong Quai
~ Peony Root
~ Rehmannia
~ Lovage root
~ Chinese red date
~ Shiitake mushroom

These herbs move liver Qi (read Wednesday’s post to learn more!) so that there is a free flow of blood, which means it really helps with PMS, cramps and hormonal headaches. The soup is also great post bleed to replenish blood stores.

Directions: Add 2 x Lovage root (see picture)  and 1/3 jar to 4 cups of water. Bring to boil and simmer for at least 15 mins to reduce. Drink 1 cup straight up or add to broth or soups. 
Note: there will be 6 pieces of lovage root on top of the jar. Only use 2 pieces per serving.