Mugwort Infused Oil

Mugwort Infused Oil

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Mugwort oil!

From garden to bottle - this Mugwort was grown with love in Sammie’s apothecary garden here on Bundjalung country, carefully harvested and then infused in a base of almond oil using special extraction methods to maximise its goodness!

We could write a book on Mugwort - it has so many goregous medicinal benefits.

In a nutshell however, Mugwort is a herb for the feminine, particularly useful for people who have a womb that experience stagnation.

What does stagnation in the womb look like?

It typically manifests as a stuck, clotted, painful or crampy period - which is where its topical application really shines!

Rubbing mugwort oil onto the womb area helps to warm and move stagnation, which can relieve cramps and encourage a stuck bleed.

Mugwort isn’t just for those who have a womb though.

It’s warm and deep, penetrating action can help relieve pain and stagnation anywhere in the body - be it in the digestive system, or musculoskeletal system.

And the SMELL - it induces deep calm and helps to put the nervous system at ease in a dreamy, transportative kind of way

ingredients: mugwort & organic almond oil