Rose Infused Oil

Rose Infused Oil

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We are now making our own Rose infused oil as our latest skincare product. This slow crafted oil is a simple and delicate infusion made from rose petals. This brings across the delicious and intoxicating aroma of roses, without the high cost when compared to pure rose essential oil.

The beauty of roses needs little explanation, and this beauty has been infused carefully and slowly through our artisan oil extraction methods. The medicinal benefits of roses include astringent (that tightens loose tissues), cooling, anti-inflammatory, and calming effects, especially to the heart.

As an oil it can be used as a moisturiser to help protect the skin from oxidative stress. It can deeply nourish and regenerate damaged tissues, as well as bringing more tone and radiance.

It can be used to soothe red and inflamed skin, including sensitive skin that is hyper-reactive. The calming actions can soothe the agitated mind, or the irritated skin.

It is a well tolerated oil with a long history of use that makes it safe for lots of different skin types.

Ingredients: Rose Petals & Organic Almond Oil