Roses & Lemon Tea Tree Botanical Face Toner

Roses & Lemon Tea Tree Botanical Face Toner

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We just created another EPIC botanical beauty product and we are OBSESSED (that’s what all the kids are saying these days right?!)

Get this…

A base of witch hazel, which on its own is an incredible toner for the skin.

Inside, we have infused roses, rosella and rosehips - a gorgeous, cooling trio of vitamin C rich botanicals that reduce inflammation, redness and swelling at the same time as providing skin-loving nutraceuticals.

THEN we added lemon tea tree hydrosol, home grown and hand extracted by our friends at Solum farm. This is specifically for those who have oily or acne prone skin.


Sorry for the caps people, we’re just a little bit excited.

Naturally we have been trialling this at home and it’s a smash hit, especially during these warmer months.

This is a home to bottle product so we’ve only got a small batch!



  • organic rose petals 
  • organic rose hips
  • organic rosella (hibiscus) 
  • organic lemon tea tree hydrsol
  • organic witch Hazel (alcohol free) 

100ml glass bottle with spray. 

To use: spray on clean face and let dry or spray on a cotton pad and wipe over clean face. Follow with your moisturiser of choice (we have some lovely choices wink wink)