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Marshmallow Root Powder

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Marshmallow Root Powder

Marhsmallow root is a fantastic and sustainable substitute for Slippery Elm.

If you would like a detailed monograph on the benefits of Marshmallow root, see this post 👇🏼

Now, the key with Marshmallow root is that it prefers a COLD infusion to extract its mucilagenous properties.

Mucilage is the healing part of Marshmallow. It’s what helps to seal a leaky gut and soothe inflamed, irritated tissue.

To get the most out of your Marshmallow root powder, simply take two heaped teaspoon and mix it into a jar of water (the bigger the jar, the more powder you will need).

Leave this to stand at room temperature over night and voila! In the morning, you will have a goopy, healing liquid medicine. You can keep it in the fridge for two weeks if you have an airtight container, and sip on it daily.

Although it doesn’t sound appetising, this is a really effective way to heal things like leaky gut, stomach ulcers, dry inflamed lungs and to protect against the effects of reflux.