Wee Tea

Wee Tea

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We have a fresh Wee Tea mix with a beautiful range of flowers, leaves and roots. This blend of soothing & tonifying kidney & bladder herbs is designed to calm down irritation of the urinary tract to promote healing of infections, repair tissue

Our new formula is ::

Heather ~ Calluna vulgaris ~ These purple flowers increase urine production and are a great antiseptic to disinfect the urinary tract. 

Uva Ursi ~ Arctostaphylos uva ursi ~ This diuretic herbs soothes the entire genitourinary tract and tonifies the tissues here. It can be used cystitis and can aid with kidney or bladder stones.

Cornsilk ~ Zea mays ~ A very soothing herb that aids in urinary system inflammation for issues like cystitis, urethritis, urinary retention and kidney stones and very useful for children.

Marshmallow ~ Althaea officinalis ~ A sweet demulcent that heals irritation to the mucous membranes and is also antimicrobial.

Chrysanthemum ~ Chrysanthemum sinensis ~ Sweet, bitter and cooling, these flowers are used to clear heat & inflammation.

Tulsi ~ Ocimum sanctum ~ Invigorating at first, but ultimately a calming herb for the kidneys used for stuckness and bacterial imbalances. Also it just tastes so good!

Certified organic. Can be purchased in a refillable container.