{Milk thistle ~ Silybum marianum}

H E R B A L ~ M O N O G R A P H
{Milk thistle ~ Silybum marianum}
Taste // Pungent & Bitter
Temperature // Warm
Effective Qualities // Drying, decongesting, restoring & dissolving
Milk thistle is the number one plant we think of when it comes to treating the liver, and it definitely deserves this reputation!
Milk thistle has quite a unique energetic profile. Most liver remedies tend to be bitter and cooling.
Whilst milk thistle is indeed bitter, because it is a seed it is also warm and slightly oily. This makes milk thistle useful in situations where people have liver issues, but are also cold and deficient.
As far as liver support, milk thistle lives up to its reputation. It is a classic all-round liver remedy, with decongestant, restorative, detoxifying and protective actions.
It can be applied to a wide range of liver imbalances including hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver degeneration. Milk thistle in fact helps the production of a protein that regenerates new liver cells.
It’s claim to fame however, is in its ability to help protect liver cells from damage, due to the constituent silymarin.
Milk thistle also has a definite affinity for the blood. In addition to being a blood cleanser, Milk thistle’s warming energetics have a decongestant effect on stuck and stagnant blood flow.
Milk thistle’s ability to move congestion make it a little used, yet wonderfully effective ally for women. It has a unique regulatory effect on the blood, and can relieve both a heavy, or absent bleed.
For women who have menstrual issues associated with poor liver function and poor circulation - milk thistle is your herb of choice!
19th Century herbalists would use milk thistle specifically for the treatment of varicose veins. Here again we see it’s ability to decongest and move the blood. Another interesting use for milk thistle is if someone has been poisoned by mushrooms - as it significantly helps the liver to process toxins!
Milk thistle is a great remedy for most people - we have both the tincture and organic seed in our beautiful Apothecary. Contact us if you feel the magic of this age old remedy calling out to you.

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