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{ ELDER ::: Sambuccus nigra }

How could a plant be named after the Elders and be considered anything other than important! Elderberries and flowers are both from Sambuccus nigra, a Honeysuckle that is an Oldworld European and North American primal remedy. It’s a herbal staple, like the potato or yam of food, that has supported the poor and the wealthy to health for generations.

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{ Mucuna ~ Mucuna pruriens }

Beyond it being a supreme nervous system restorative, Mucuna has wonderful application for the reproductive system in all bodies. Once again, its oily nature imparts a kind of ‘juiciness’, enhancing libido, boosting fertility and regulating genital secretions. Mucuna also is wonderful for the digestive system - especially for those who suffer from ‘nervous digestion’ or gut-brain imbalances. Finally, Mucuna is one of the most abundant plant sources for L-Dopa, the precursor for dopamine. It can help stabilise and regenerate dopamine levels, which makes it a great ally for those seeking to regulate dopamine levels in cases of depression or recovering from addiction.

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{Milk thistle ~ Silybum marianum}

Milk thistle is the number one plant we think of when it comes to treating the liver, and it definitely deserves this reputation! Milk thistle has quite a unique energetic profile. Most liver remedies tend to be bitter and cooling. Whilst milk thistle is indeed bitter, because it is a seed it is also warm and slightly oily. This makes milk thistle useful in situations where people have liver issues, but are also cold and deficient.

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