{ Mucuna ~ Mucuna pruriens }

H E R B A L ~ M O N O G R A P H
{ Mucuna ~ Mucuna pruriens }
Taste // Sweet and bitter
Temperature // Warm
Effective qualities // Nourishing, restoring & stabilising
Mucuna - a treasure gifted to us from Ayurvedic medicine! This powerful herb has been used in India for 2000 years.
To call it a ‘herb’ is a bit inaccurate. Mucuna is in fact a bean, and shares many of the same nutritional properties as legumes.
Mucuna is known in India as ‘Atmagupta’, which translates as ‘the secret self’. This points towards the potent therapeutic qualities of the bean hidden inside an otherwise highly allergenic seedpod.
The energetic qualities of Mucuna are a great way to understand its therapeutic value. It is what is known as an ‘unctuous’ or ‘oily’ plant. This does not mean that it is literally oily, but rather has a heavy, stabilising quality.
This makes Mucuna an excellent remedy for those who are ‘Vata’, aka dominated by ‘Wind’. A ‘Wind’ imbalance means that you easily flustered, nervous and feel ‘out of your body’. Vata symptoms include anxiety, over-thinking, dry skin and poor mucous membranes.
Mucuna is not only good for Vata symptoms however, it is ‘tri-doshic’, which means it is suitable for all constitutions and imbalances. This makes it a true tonic plant!
Beyond it being a supreme nervous system restorative, Mucuna has wonderful application for the reproductive system in all bodies. Once again, its oily nature imparts a kind of ‘juiciness’, enhancing libido, boosting fertility and regulating genital secretions.
Mucuna also is wonderful for the digestive system - especially for those who suffer from ‘nervous digestion’ or gut-brain imbalances.
Finally, Mucuna is one of the most abundant plant sources for L-Dopa, the precursor for dopamine. It can help stabilise and regenerate dopamine levels, which makes it a great ally for those seeking to regulate dopamine levels in cases of depression or recovering from addiction.
Mucuna is a very special plant. It is best taken as a powder, and is available in the Apothecary as part of our Adrenal Support Powder. Contact us if you would like to know more about how Mucuna can support you!

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