Butterfly Pea Flowers & Lemonade Recipe



These butterfly pea flowers are incredible! Their colour is bright blue, and will make your herbal teas and potions this intense azure colour.



Did you know about the doctrine of signatures for colours? Plants are telling us about their medicine all the time. The easiest way to read it is through The colour, as it’s so simple to spot. Blue & Purple are colours that connect with our higher energy centres, like that of the third eye and crown chakras in the Vedic viewpoints. These are areas of the body that we are inspired through, opened up to the divine, to connection, to creative energy and visions. Since this blue colour wave is imbued into the plant, on some level these creative, inspiring, uplifting energies will be a part of the plant’s medicine.


The butterfly pea is used in ceremonies in India connected with the divine. It also health benefits when drunk as a tea as it is rich in antioxidants.


We’ve infused the butterfly pea flowers into some beautiful new beauty products to bring new life to your skin through a toner and a face mask.


You can buy some of these special flowers here:



We have a little recipe here for a drink with the flowers. it’s getting warm here and a glass of herbal iced tea has never been more welcome. The butterfly pea flowers add an incredible colour that will impress your house guests and give you a chance to show off your herbal expertise.



  • Add 2g of butterfly pea flowers to a 1L jug of boiling water
  • Dissolve in 20g sugar / erythritol or stevia to taste
  • Steep for 5 minutes, then strain & cool in the fridge
  • Once cool, add 100ml squeezed lemon juice
  • Store in the fridge & pour it into an ice filled glass to serve with a slice of lemon


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