Home made Honey Soak Chai


You can make a delicious instant chai for at home. It’s super simple and makes a lovely gift as well.


🌼 Make sure you have a cute and sterile jar

🌼 Fill the jar with dried spices about 3/4 full

🌼 You could use our IMMUNITY CHAI otherwise here’s an idea [ 2 parts Star Anise, Cardamon pods, Cinnamon chips & 1 part Ginger powder, Long pepper or Black peppercorns, Cloves, Fennel seeds & teaspoon of Nutmeg powder ]

🌼 Take the herbs out and either whizz them in the blender like a modern cheat, or crush them with a mortar & pestle like an old school witch

🌼 Return the herbs to the jar and cover them with raw honey by an inch

🌼 Let them soak for about a month & you are ready to go

🌼 Boil water then add 1 spoon per person, let sit for a few minutes and strain before serving with warm mylk


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