Making your own herbal infused oils


Making your own herbal infused oil opens up a world of exciting herbal creations; think face oils, massages, insect repellents, sunburn soothers, salad dressings, and all kinds of medicinal skincare products for topical use.


There’s a number of ways you can prepare an infused oil, so you’re going to need to get clear on what you are wanting to use it for, and which herbs you will use. Sometimes herbs are better fresh, but generally most infused oils work better from dry herbs as the water content in the fresh herbs can make the oil go rancid.


Each carrier oil that you infuse into has a different texture and shelf life - so you will need to also research this before hand. Some oils are great on your face, and some are too thick. Some oils absorb in nicely and some stay on your skin and leave you oily afterwards. As always, a clear intention will help you here. Make sure your hands are clean and all your equipment is sterilised to protect your oil from mould.


Some great carrier oils:

- Almond oil

- Olive oil

- Rosehip

- Coconut

- Jojoba


Some great herbs for oils:

- Stellaria media _ CHICKWEED _ heals skin disorders, soothing

- Symphytum officinale _ COMFREY_ bone breaks, minor burns

- Arnica montana _ ARNICA _ bruises, strains

- Rosemarinus officinalis _ ROSEMARY _ stimulates hair growth, delicious on potatoes

- Calendula officinalis _ CALENDULA _ wound healing, soothing to inflammation

- Hypericum perforatum _ ST. JOHN’S WORT _ pain killing, nerve repair

- Zingiber officinale _ GINGER _ circulatory stimulant, warming

- Allium sativum _ GARLIC _ makes a yummy sauce!


Simple folk recipe:

- Half fill a sterilised jar with dry herb/s

- Cover with carrier oil/s by a few cms

- Stir & seal with wax paper under the lid

- Leave in a dark cupboard for 1-2 months

- Stir the oil twice a week

- Strain through a cheese cloth & squeeze the oil out

- Store in dark jars, adding vitamin e to preserve is desired

- Label them with dates!


Some herbs will need some heat from a gentle double boil or the sun, and sometimes you need to know the strength of your infusion by measuring the oil and the dry herb. This is just a simple method for at home.


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