Medicinal Mushroom Chia Pudding Recipe


What we love about our Medicinal Mushroom mix is that is can be used as food. Food as medicine is so much easier to integrate into your life, as you just cook it into you food and gobble it down. Mushrooms are some of those interesting organisms that really are hard to say if they are herbs or foods. We say both!


Here’s an easy recipe to get the medicinal mushrooms into your body!


Medicinal Mushroom Chia Pudding :

- 2 cups full fat coconut milk

- 3 tsp cinnamon

- ½ cup chia seeds

- ½ tsp vanilla

- 2 to 6 drops of stevia or use coconut sugar

- ¼ cup raw cacao powder

- 1-2 tsp of Medicinal Mushroom Mix


Here’s the easy bit - just mix them all together, tip into jars, and fridge ready for a snack! Add on top some fruit, bee pollen, sunflower seeds, nut butters or serve with your morning porridge.


To learn all about these mushrooms tune into yesterday’s post!


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