Medicinal Mushrooms


Have you heard of medicinal mushrooms? They have become super popular in recent times and people come into the shop all the time asking about them!


‘Turbo shots for your immune system’

‘For gut health & well being’

‘Calming mushrooms for a night of deep sleep’

‘Boosting brain health’

‘Mushroom coffee to replace your morning joe’

‘Magnify your memory’


A quick google search shows a dynamic range of articles, studies, blogs and products available raving about these little fun guys. To celebrate the mycological magic, we’ve created a medicinal mushroom elixir! And here’s a quick guide of how & when to use it.



The medicinal mushrooms are almost all adaptogenic which means they replenish our reservoir of energy, our bank accounts, so that when stress is mandatory & unavoidable we have the stores required to go into the battlefield calm and steady. Some are better for stamina (cordyceps), some for mood (lion’s mane), and some are all rounders (reishi).


These little pocket rockets have a reputation for improving your memory, focus, and brain repair (lion’s mane & tremello). So the more you stick at your mushrooms, the harder they are to forget about!



Your energetic boundaries and your immune system are closing related - they serve the same purpose - operating a gateway of the outside world getting in. A compromised immune system means your boundaries to pathogens could do with some upgrades. And all the medicinal mushrooms are immuno-modulating to varying degrees of potency.


We now have a medicinal mushroom tincture which is a super yummy and easy way to take your medicine. Come into the shop or give us a call to purchase a bottle (02 6689 1529).


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