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Your nervous system decides how you see the world

If you are feeling constantly wired, on the go, busy minded, unable to stop or relax, tense or stressed your nervous system might be stuck in the sympathetic mode. You might feel speedy now, but later this leads to adrenal burn out and extreme fatigue. Stuck in the fight/flight/freeze/fawn means that a stressful event arose, and your nervous system is still reacting to it. That stressful event may have been years ago, and since then so many more little micros traumas have been backing up to be processed.

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Medicinal Mushrooms

Have you heard of medicinal mushrooms? They have become super popular in recent times and people come into the shop all the time asking about them!   ‘Turbo shots for your immune system’ ‘For gut health & well being’ ‘Calming mushrooms for a night of deep sleep’ ‘Boosting brain health’ ‘Mushroom coffee to replace your morning joe’ ‘Magnify your memory’  

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