How to use our Deep Green Body Oil

This oil has a deep, rich and earthy aroma - connecting you downward and inward, creating a protective layer of medicinal oils on your skin. It contains..


Vetiver - is used to stabilise the soil with its fast growing and sturdy roots from where the oil comes. Therapeutically it relieves body aches and relaxes you with a woody aroma.


Patchouli - comes from the leaves of a shrub that has a musky-sweet smell. When used topically to reduces wrinkles and helps the skin to glow.


Sandalwood - a very sacred tree that has a woody and sweet smell which brings a calm about you. It can clear your mind, stimulate your sexual energy, and on the body it cleans and astringes which tightens up the skin and heals.


Neroli - comes from the flowers of the bitter citrus tree, which gives its oil an uplifting quality. The smell can lower blood pressure & stress, and improve the hormonal system.


These delicious oils have been infused into a base of Jojoba and Hemp Seed oil, which gives the oil a deep green hue. Lather your skin in it to soak up the benefits of this nourishing skin food.


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