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Supporting your digestion with Gut Prebiotics

So often in the the modern west we tend towards using tools of difference rather than of harmony. We lean into violence and destruction of the non-self over harmony and union as our first approach to ‘resolving’ a conflict. Have you noticed this? It’s a very Mars-like approach to things really, and that seems to the planet our eyes are fixed towards for the next step of humanity. In the old ways of Herbalism, a Venetian response would be to listen and bring union, a Mars response would be to separate and destroy. These are just symbols of language that help us to see the energetics within things.

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Rosehip Syrup

The coolness of these flowers will drain heat and inflammation from the body, and promote healthy circulation. They are incredibly rich in Vitamin C and potent antioxidants. In this delicious syrup they have been combined with Turmeric, which work together as anti-inflammatories to aid in treating osteoarthritis, and inflammatory bowel issues.

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