How to use our Medicinal Soup Mix



It’s that time of year to be making slow cooks and nourishing your body with soups. When you slow cook a meal you preserve so many of its nutrients & minerals and ensure they are ready to absorb quickly into the body. This makes it ideal for those with absorption and digestion issues.


This soup mix is aimed at

~ Improving gut health

~ Reducing the regularity & severity for those ‘getting sick’ often

~ Creating a slow, steady, stable foundation of energy to resource yourself from


Our Medicinal Soup Mix is inspired by the East-Asian traditions. It is packed with medicinal herbs that will boost your Qi (energy) and immune system. Just add 1 slice of the Reishi, and 1/4 of the jar into the stock pot or soup.


~ Reishi mushroom

~ Astragalus

~ Shiitake mushroom

~ Goji Berries

~ Olive leaf { HOME GROWN BY US }


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