Supporting your digestion with Gut Prebiotics


What we love about our Gut Prebiotic is that it’s food for a healthy biome. It’s like fertilising the garden rather than weeding it! Rich in inulin, this nurturing blend feeds and maintains healthy cells in the colon and improves your uptake of essential minerals.


So often in the the modern west we tend towards using tools of difference rather than of harmony. We lean into violence and destruction of the non-self over harmony and union as our first approach to ‘resolving’ a conflict. Have you noticed this? It’s a very Mars-like approach to things really, and that seems to the planet our eyes are fixed towards for the next step of humanity. In the old ways of Herbalism, a Venetian response would be to listen and bring union, a Mars response would be to separate and destroy. These are just symbols of language that help us to see the energetics within things.


How this applies to medicine is that today we like to isolate the threat and remove it. Our treatments for many chronic diseases take this approach including cancer treatments, tumours/growths, arthritic joints, and inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis to name a few. This isn’t a criticism towards utilising the fire and strength of Mars to cut things away, it’s a reminder that we can also embody the sweetness of Venus in uniting in wholeness, and that’s just what our Gut Prebiotic does.


We treat many digestive and immune issues with our Gut Prebiotic. Rather than killing bacteria with antibiotics, or feeding you straight colonies of bacteria with probiotics, this product is fertilising the bacteria we know are great for your health in the large intestine which informs your body of how to be intelligently healthy. Dandelion, Chicory & Burdock will work together to cool, nourish, build and grow.


Health is about supporting you to stand strong in yourself without a battle. Prebiotics are ‘teaching you to fish rather than giving you fish’.


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