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A medicinal bee pollen cacao

The organic cacao powder has been infused in with bee medicine. Did you know bees make some of the most potent natural antibiotics in, well all of nature? Honey is one of nature’s antimicrobials, and it helps to keep the bees protected from bacterial attacks. The pollen from bees is a mixture of plant pollen, nectar and bee secretions; and is a pot of gold when it comes to medicinal value. It is a source of vital nutrients that has been used since ancient Egyptian times by humans.

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Post Viral Recovery & Herbal Soups

We developed this soup mix as a potent admixture for your food, so you don’t have to take it as ‘medicine’ per se. This mix is designed to help boost your blood & immune system, and get you back online after a period of being run down, or after any serious output of energy like birth or work burn out. But you don’t have to wait until things are in that place to look after your health. We recommend that we each live in communication with our health listening to where our body’s are at.

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