Post Viral Recovery & Herbal Soups


The fatigue is real.


Post-viral fatigue, including that after corona virus, can linger for weeks and even months for some. Without feeling energised, your spirit can get low, you can lose rhythm with your routines, and it can be hard to show up for your commitments. Life can feel overwhelming.


We developed this soup mix as a potent admixture for your food, so you don’t have to take it as ‘medicine’ per se. This mix is designed to help boost your blood & immune system, and get you back online after a period of being run down, or after any serious output of energy like birth or work burn out. But you don’t have to wait until things are in that place to look after your health. We recommend that we each live in communication with our health listening to where our body’s are at.


This mix is very safe to have to keep on top of your immune system, keep your vitality strong and your boundaries clear. The herbs are largely tonic herbs that can be used regularly.


Add 1/4 of the jar to a big pot of food like a slow cook stew,


~ Reishi mushroom :: Master Qi tonic that supports the liver, the nerves and our immunity


~ Astragalus :: Master Qi tonic that supports digestion and regulates gut based immunity


~ Shiitake mushroom :: Majorly boosts immunity and supports gut function


~ Goji Berries :: Build blood, nourish the liver and support cardiovascular health

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