Turmeric Activated Honey


You’ll only find this treasure in our shop, not online. It’s AlphaEarth’s Magic Turmeric Activated Honey and we just got a fresh batch in.


This golden honey with turmeric is a very strong natural antibiotic. Raw high quality honey is already known to be one of nature’s strongest antimicrobials, and when you combine it with activated turmeric it’s going to be even more potent medicine. Adding the fusion of these herbs creates a great anti-inflammatory, immune system builder, and natural antibiotic. It’s also going to soothe sore throats at the first sign of a cold and kids will love this one. That’s when it’s best to start having 1 teaspoon every hour and boost your immunity. The temperature is cooling down so best to be thinking about medicine on hand as your first choice.


Activating turmeric allows it to be more bioavailable in the body. And this is to do with its solubility in fat rather than water. When you add black pepper, a little oil, or synergistic herbs you allow the body to absorb far more turmeric. Seeing as turmeric is a great all rounder herb, best to get it in the activated form so your body can soak it up in a great combination with honey.


Storing herbs in honey greatly slows down oxidation and break down, so it preserves their medicine really well. There’s an amazing old art of herbal honeys to get excited about!


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